Egyptian Gods Symbols

Ancient Egyptian Gods Symbols for kids

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Egyptian Gods Symbols
Discover information and interesting Egyptian Gods Symbols. The fast, fun facts about Egyptian Gods Symbols includes a list of the names of the gods and the symbols that were associated with them. The Egyptian gods symbols include the attributes that were associated with specific gods and goddesses. The Egyptian gods symbols also provides facts and information about the sacred animals that were linked to many of the deities, some of which were reflected in the depictions of the gods.

The 'Human-Hybrids that had the body of a human and the heads of animals, the most famous of these gods was Anubis who was represented with the head of a jackal which was one of his symbols.

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Egyptian Symbols & Signs

Egyptian Gods Symbols - Animals
The following Egyptian Gods Symbols were related to the animals and birds that were sacred to the deities of Egypt.

Egyptian Gods Symbols - Animals

Ass: Symbol sacred to Set

Ape / Baboon: Symbol sacred to Baba, Thoth & Hedjwer

Bull: Symbol sacred to Menthu, Min & Ptah

Cat: Symbol sacred to Bastet and Mau

Cobra: Symbol sacred to Wadjet

Cow: Bovine Symbol sacred to Hathor, Isis & Mut

Crocodile: Symbol sacred to Sobek

Dog / Jackal: Symbol sacred to Anubis

Frog: Symbol sacred to Nun, Heh, Kek & Amun

Goose: Symbol sacred to Geb

Hawk: Symbol sacred to Horus

Hippopotamus: Symbol sacred to Taweret, Opet, Ipy & Reret

Ibis: Symbol sacred to Thoth

Lion: Symbol sacred to Sekmet, Tefnut, Mau, Mut

Lynx / Cheetah: Symbol sacred to Mafdet

Pig: Evil Symbol sacred to Apep

Ram: Symbol sacred to Khnum

Scarab Beetle: Symbol sacred to Khepri

Scorpion: Symbol sacred to Khepri

Serpent: Symbol sacred to Apep

Snake: Naunet, Keket, Hehet & Amaunet

Swallow: Symbol sacred to Isis

Vulture: Symbol sacred to Nekhebet, Mut & Neith

Egyptian Gods Symbols - Animals

Egyptian Gods Symbols
The following chart, or fact sheet, details interesting information about the names and facts about the Egyptian Gods Symbols.

Egyptian Gods Symbols

Ammit: The crocodile, lion and hippo. The Owl, a symbol of death

Amun: The Amun crown of two, long feathers and the ram headed sphinx

Anhur: Spear, Lance, War Chariot

Anubis: Imiut fetish, the flail, the crook and a 'was' sceptre, the jackal dog

Anuket: The gazelle, tall ostrich feather headdress

Aten: The sun disk and the ankh

Atum: The Pshent, the dual white and red crown, false plaited beard, crook and flail, snake, lion, bull, lizard and baboons

Baba: The baboon, the moon, the phallus

Bastet: The Ankh, the cat, the lioness and the sistrum

Hapi: Androgynous representations, the papyrus reed and the lotus plant

Hathor: The sistrum (rattle) the Ankh, the Was Scepter, mirrors and the blue lotus

Heka: The side lock, Hemhem crown, ankh, flail and scepter

Horus: The Wedjat, later called the Eye of Horus, the falcon

Isis: The 'throne' headdress, the moon disk with cow's horns, the sycamore tree, the kite hawk

Khepri: The Scarab, the Ankh, the Was Scepter

Khnum: The potter's wheel, the ram, the Ankh, the 'Was Scepter'

Khonsu: The crescent and full moon, the falcon, a crook, flail, and scepter

Egyptian Gods Symbols

Egyptian Gods Symbols
The following chart, or fact sheet, details interesting information about the names and facts about the Egyptian Gods Symbols.

Egyptian Gods Symbols

Ma'at: The Feather of Truth, the Ankh, the Was Scepter

Mafdet: Mafdet was ancient Egyptian lynx, lion or cheetah shaped war goddess, a cat goddess of protection, spitting fire at cobras.

Mau: Mau, the ancient Egyptian word cat god

Menthu: The Buchis bull, the Ankh, the Was Scepter and the double plumed crown

Menhit: Menhit was depicted in the form of a lioness who sometimes wore the red crown of Lower Egypt

Mut: Mut the great Mother Goddess was a warrior lioness goddess. Her symbols were the Vulture, crown with the Uraeus (rearing cobra)

Nefertum: The Lotus Flower (water lily)

Neith: The bow emblem and a shield bearing crossed arrows

Nekhbet: The Vulture, White Atef crown of Upper Egypt, the lotus and the round Shen ring

Nephthys: The house, meaning temple, the kite or Egyptian hawk

Osiris: He was depicted as a Pharaoh wearing a crown with a crook, flail and beard. Distinguished by his green face

Pakhet: Pakhet, "She Who Scratches", was a big cat goddess

Ptah: The scepter of Dominion combining the Ankh, the Was and the Djed and the Apis Bull

Ra: The Sun disk and the Falcon

Satet: The white conical crown and antelope horns

Sekhmet: The Sekhem scepter of power, the Ankh, the sun disk with the uraeus rearing cobra

Seshat: The reed pen, papyrus scroll, palm stem, leopard skin robe

Set: The mythical griffin, the hippopotamus, the crocodile, the tortoise, and above all the serpent

Shu: Head of a lion, single ostrich feather

Sobek: The Crocodile

Taweret: The 'Sa' symbol of protection, hippopotamus, lion and crocodile

Tefnut: Tefnut and her twin Shu were worshipped as a pair of lions at Leontopolis

Thoth: The ibis, moon disk, reed pen, papyrus scroll, palm branch, baboon

Wadjet: Wadjet was primarily a cobra goddess

Egyptian Gods Symbols

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